This product policy provides comprehensive cover against the following:

  • Loss or damage for goods in transit from point A to B by sea, air (including courier) and land
  • The Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance which insures not only forwarders, but also other related companies which provide logistic solutions for their clients. This includes Freight Forwarders; Non-Vessel Operating; Common Carrier; Warehouse Operators / Consolidators; Logistic Operators. The policy is has several sections which addresses the risk of the insured whist handling the goods for its owner: (Cargo Liabilities, Third Party Legal Liability, Liability for Fines and Duties, Claim Expense
Whilst enjoying the fun of having a pleasure craft, you may not want to forget the potential loss and liability from any accident whilst in the open sea. The pleasure craft insurance provides cover for not only the cost of the Hull, but also potential liability to property and the passengers.